Kickoff Soccer Academy mission is to prepare athletes for the next level of competition, through age appropriate training, a positive development environment, and maintaining a fun enjoyable experience. Focusing on the players first, each individual should have strong fundamentals, confidence, and creativity to carry them to their highest potential.

We do not form teams, focus is on individual high intensity development under different environments.

Where Champions are born!

We Identify Elite Players and equip them with the necessary tools to fully realize their potential and also to Compete at the highest level there is. Kickoff partners with the local clubs to push these Elite players to the next level of their soccer journey. Players will continue to work with their respective teams on a regular base. What Kickoff offers is the opportunity to be challenged in all areas relating to soccer. The focus is not on winning games on weekends. Games are won the week before the game.

Our philosophy  is for Players to develop the attitude of COMPETING with themselves. The focus is for Players to CHALLENGE themselves to be better than they where yesterday. KickOff Soccer Academy is proud to offer training for all ages. Your child can walk in for a single session or sign up for any programs -- and start at any time! You can choose to do private session or join a group. The private sessions are tailored for the individual, and every group is age-appropriate, managed by licensed soccer trainers, and, most importantly proven to be lots of fun!

Call 843-283-7816 ( or register with us, or just drop in on a class.

KickOff Soccer Academy has developed a well-designed program to improve your game -- you will also have a great time! Private sessions focuses on dribbling, passing, shooting and ball handling, and group sessions often end with a short scrimmage. Our programs will help improve your game from all angles.

As a non-profit organization, we belive in no Child left behind. For more information on No-Child-Left-Behind, please donate so we can help those who are less fortunate. Your offer is greatly appreciated. We are CHANGING one LIFE at time! Please join us. 


KOSA is thankful for companies such as LIVING STONE MASONRY and PENN MANOR SOCCER CLUB for supporting youth soccer!